maandag, juni 04, 2012
U heeft (1) nieuw bericht van Logos:
The Logos Foundation needs your support as we are about to lose all our funding! Although the Logos Foundation received a positive advice – on the artistic as well as on the professional level – the committee of music advices the Flemish minister of Culture Joke Schauvliege to no longer give subsidies to Logos for the period 2013-2016. The minister takes the final decission. With this petition we hope to show the importance of the Logos Foundation on a local as well as on a global level and to influence the final decision of the minister of Culture. Since 1968 Logos provides local and international artists space to perform and exhibit. Cutting edge new instruments and interfaces are being developed in the Logos workshop. The in-house robot orchestra Man & Machine is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world. Many famous composers and musicians have performed throughout the years at this artist-run center for new music and experiment, based in Ghent, Belgium. The loss of funding would be devastating for the operation of Logos and would mean a loss of over 50 experimental music concerts yearly. It would also mean that the nearly 50 robots would become homeless and their maintenance can no longer be guaranteed. Support Logos by signing this petition!
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